The Convicts Creations Cookbook

AMAZING Cookbook for EVERY Budget!


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The Convict’s Creations Cookbook is a true insider’s guide to life in prison. A how-to manual of information, innovation, and survival. It reveals the rules prisoners live by and some of the methods convicts use to make life more bearable while doing time. It is a guide for people everywhere who want to fix inexpensive meals that taste good and don’t take a lot of time to prepare or a lot of money!

Created by two inmates for inmates and their families!

Amazing graphics!

Over 80 Proven and tested recipes, such as:

Bustin’ Out Breakfast Burritos!

Felony French Toast!

Grand Slammer!

Egg McFelon!

Big House Pizza!

Convict Rollers!

Locked Down Cheesecake!


Learn the prison culture from “inside!”

The Convict Code

Convict’s Dictionary